Admittance to Vök geothermal baths

Admittance to Vök geothermal baths

Vök Baths is a new destination opening in summer 2019 by lake Urriðavatn, just northwest from Egilsstaðir, in Eastern Iceland. The water at Vök streams from hot springs deep under the lake. Years ago, during the long arctic winters, the locals noticed that the lake ice always melted in the same place. The name, Vök, is the Icelandic word for these melted ice holes. Today, these hot springs supply all of the hot water for the surrounding area.

The hot spring water is so clean you can drink it, making it the only certified drinkable hot spring water in Iceland. The onsite café-restaurant will serve tisanes, soups, hot dishes and cakes made with organic ingredients from local producers. Vök will also feature a sauna, pools and cold tunnels on the lake shores.

Vök við Urriðavatn

701 Egilsstaðir


  • Entry or admission fee

Standard rate includes admission to Vök Baths and a tisane brewed from the spring water & local herbs at the infusion bar.


What to bring

Swimming suit and towel. It is also possible to rent a towel and swimming suit at the reception.


  • Vök Baths are wheelchair accessible.

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